What's there to say about the California Redwoods? I could try and explain it you, but I figure I will let my imagery speak for itself. It's a place that you can't put into words without seeing for yourself, almost impossible to put into pictures, and a place you MUST add to your bucket list if you've never been. You feel like you're walking amongst giants,literally. When you stand near one and stare up, it seems as if you can see forever. Of course, the Redwoods are family friendly, there is something here for everyone of all ages and physical ability. There are so many trails here to explore that you can't see everything in one day, so I would advise planning to stay here for the weekend, or even longer. There are many places to camp, including cabins, campgrounds, hotels with a variety of foods and beverages within a short drive. Breweries are all along the coast,so if you're a beer connoisseur like myself, you will enjoy yourself thoroughly here.

Fern Canyon. It's unlike anything I've ever seen.  Many do not know that Steven Spielberg chose this as a location for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. Encompassed by walls of ferns you take a stroll through wading water, or puddles, depending on rainfall. Imagine yourself walking through a canyon completely surrounded by ferns and mosses. You can either jump or walk through the water, I advise taking the fun route. Hopping across the water is always a blast, trying to follow the footbridges, which are logs, to dry ground.  It left me speechless as I ran my hands along the fern wall, staring at all the lush green that is hidden and tucked away from the public. On the way in and out, you can stop by Gold Bluffs beach and take a stroll as see the ocean if you so fancy.