Oh Black Butte, what do I have to say about you? Well, lots of good things for one and two and well, heck, even three! This trail makes me feel at home. Having living in and around the Mt. Shasta region my entire life, I like to consider this "home." Black Butte has a way of drawing you in,making you appreciate the simple views that are had in our backyard. Mixtures of ponderosa pine, white fir, and incense cedar, this trail gives way to many terrains. I sometimes like to call this hike "a hop, skip and a jump." Why you ask? Well, part way up around the first switchback, coined with views of Mt. Eddy, you start coming into rocky areas which require a little maneuvering and strategic foot placement, hence the "hop, skip and a jump" theory I have came up with! After a little ways of traversing through the rocky area, you are welcomed with one of the most beautiful views of Mt. Shasta with the Shasta Valley lying directly below. After a couple more switchbacks and some elevation gain, you have reached the summit. You can take shelter on a windy day in the little hold-up, or hop around and play at the top while enjoying the 360 degree views all around you, especially towering Shasta, just staring at you, keeping your gaze fixed on her beauty. This hike is a treat in the winter, as everything has a magical "glow" or "aura" about it as I like to say. To me, winter brings in new life, perspective, and harmony all in one. It gives a whole different experience to something that is normally beautiful, but is now gorgeous in its winter blanket. So.. grab your friends, a headlamp, some snack,(always bring snacks), some warm clothes (if going in the winter) and head up here to catch the sunset. But please, practice "Leave No Trace," please pack out any and everything that you pack in. Our environment is counting on you.