Hi there! My names Lucas, if you don't already know.

I reign from Northern California, the real NorCal, so obviously I am heavily influenced by nature as I am surrounded by it in every direction!

I first picked up a camera in late 2015, I was out hiking and had my phone with me and everywhere I looked people had cameras.I thought to myself, I want to have a nice camera like these people do. I wanted to be able to take photos of our beautiful world and share them with you to help inspire you to opt outside and travel and create memories.

Fast forward to now, Mother Nature has my heart, she has me coming back for more, she's got ahold of me. My passion lies in the forest, my feet belong on the unbeaten path, and my vision is always craving views that leave you breathless.

Life is seriously to short, I believe your life should be documented, having memories to be able to look back on in 20 years from now and tell and show your kin what you did, what you saw, who you met, the places you traveled to, and of course just for yourself to reminisce on. We live in such a digital age that "prints" are almost non-existent. I want to give you a reason to have these, a reason to cherish these photos because they mean enough to you to actually print them and have actual copies. You never know when technology can fail,and if it does, do you still have these memories?